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About Us

EURO PAINTERS NYC INC. was formed in 2022 by a group of industry professionals and Eastern European tradesmen who graduated from trade schools of their profession and have been working in New York City for over 15-20 years.


The founding members, Zoltán Smida, László Horváth, and Titusz Bankuti have been accustomed to the rigorous demands and expectations of working in New York City.  Meeting project deadlines, navigating the maze of permits and creating affordable designs combined with exceptional European craftsmanship has earned them an impeccable reputation throughout New York City, the outer boroughs, and New Jersey.



Titusz Bankuti was born into the construction business in Hungary where his father, an architectural engineer, introduced him to the world of plans and building at a very early age.


A Manhattanite since arriving in the US, Titusz is accustomed to the rigorous demands and expectations of working in New York City.


A firm believer that working closely with clients will create the desired outcome. He believes, it’s imperative to pay close attention to small details. “The final finishing touches can make or brake a project.”



Zoltan Smida has a very extensive knowledge of the construction business. He spent over six years in trade schools in Hungary and in the United States learning his profession before he began his 15+ year work experience.


The quality of his work and his professional expertise enabled him to work in some of the most prestigious buildings in Manhattan, servicing a very high end clientele. Zoltan has a distinctive skill to put the sometimes less “collected” clients and some “over-the-top” designers at ease. “Working in harmony with clients and vendors and taking the sometimes overwhelming stress out of projects is very important in order to keep everybody happy and achieve the wanted results”



László Horváth is also a native of Hungary who started his profession working for his family’s construction company almost 20 years ago.


After moving to New York City in 2010, László quickly rose in the construction “world” of the city. His upbringing in the construction business and his stellar work ethic helped him outperform his fellow workers and competitors. By 2015, he was the foreman of projects employing over 50 member crews and sub-contractors. He was in charge of running the day-to-day operations and managing every aspect of many large scale projects.


László has the indispensable knowledge regarding building codes and permits, dealing with vendors and sub-contractors, and hiring the most qualified staff. “There is the dream of how clients envision their projects. In the backdrop of realty, coordinating and managing the schedules of workers, vendors, and sub-contractors, the delivery of material, and the oversight of the work flow is crucial in order to make that dream come to reality within the projected time line..”


Euro Painters NYC strongly relies on its referral business and repeat customers who are the solid foundation of the company.


No space or job is too big or too small!


If you want your renovation completed on time, on budget and exceeding your expectations we need to speak about your project!  View the gallery to see some of the recent design and remodeling projects.

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